Akon City, a futuristic city in Senegal

American rapper Akon has launched the construction of a futuristic city in Senegal, Akon City, worthy of Wakanda in Black Panther. With the help of investors, he was able to recover $ 4 billion out of the $ 6 billion that will be required to finalize the city's structures. This city will be based on Akoin which is a cryptocurrency. Akon City will rely on the tax exemption it benefits to attract the richest people in Africa and boost the creation of innovative businesses. Akon also hopes that African-Americans who would like to reconnect with their origins come to populate this city which will be able to accommodate up to 300,000 inhabitants.

Akon City will be completed in 2023, covering an area of ​​55 hectares. The city will then spread over an even larger plot which will be nearly 500 hectares by the end of the first decade. Akon Lighting Africa, very involved in Africa in electrification projects, will install solar installations on buildings.

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