How to care for the sunflower

If the sunflower has taken hold, then this plant needs little maintenance. It only takes a few manipulations to maximize flower renewal and prolong flowering.

- Remove the flowers that have faded over time,
- We will pull up the sunflower at the end of the season, since it will not grow back the following year. It is indeed a so-called annual plant, therefore with a life cycle of only one year.

The most crucial point of the sunflower is its watering. Sunflowers need regular watering. You should know that if you grow sunflower in a pot, the amount of water required is greater.

This plant dreads drought. As soon as the soil is dry, you have to go from behind and water. However, it is necessary to avoid that the soil is too wet. It is necessary to water in a normal way, but regularly. It is the frequency that counts for sunflower, not the quantity, unlike plants such as corn.

Young sunflower plants are generally very hardy and resistant to disease. But snails and slugs can wreak havoc. Just like aphids. Downy mildew is also an enemy of sunflower, this disease creates light yellow or white spots on the leaves.

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