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Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the best game on the Middle-earth
Middle-earth: The Shadow of War is the most accomplished game, the most fun to play in the universe of Middle-earth. We play a prowler who ...
Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t start
This is an annoying problem that can appear just after the installation of the game. You click on the icon and then nothing happens, even if ...
Is it possible to explore Meridian in Mass Effect Andromeda?
After finding Meridian and fighting against Archeon, the final boss of the game, we end up celebrating on the Hyperion Ark. But can we explore ...
List of planets that can be explored in Mass Effect Andromeda
Here is the list of planets that can be explored in Mass Effect Andromeda: - Eos, - Voeld, - Havarl, - Kadara, - Elaaden, These are ...
Why Mass Effect Andromeda's rating is so low
Mass Effect Andromeda has a rating by the community of players of only 6.8 / 10 on IGN. So much so that BioWare has postponed the next installment ...
How to have explosives in Watch Dogs 2
In Watch Dogs 2, we do not create explosives. We are not going to buy them in an arms shop either. Or in front of a machine to make them. We ...
Watch Dogs 2 bartender issue
If you have a bug once in the lucky bar with the bartender trying to walk into you and frozen at the end of the bar, you should try the following ...
Watch Dogs 2 crash
Watch Dogs 2 crashes after launching the game when it tries to connect to your game data. This probably means that you had a black screen ...
Watch Dogs 2 black screen
If you get the black screen after launching Watch Dogs 2 or after a while while you're playing, nothing to worry about. This does not necessarily ...
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