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Bitcoin price evolution
Thanks to the security aspect of the Bitcoin, its rarity, the recognition of its value by the banking lobbies and some central banks, the value ...
Bitcoin backed by the Federal Reserve
On September 6, 2013, US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sent a letter to a Senate committee in which he described the Bitcoin as a fast, ...
What are the stakes of the blockchain?
The blockchain can have a prominent place in the future functioning of democracies. This can help secure remote voting, facilitating its implementation. ...
How does the blockchain work?
A blockchain is automatically linked to a currency or what is called a token which is of a programmable nature. For example, Bitcoin is a programmable ...
Definition of the blockchain
The blockchain is a technology that can store and transmit information, it is secure and transparent. It does not need a control center to operate. In ...
What are the possibilities of the blockchain?
The blockchain allows a very wide application panel that can go beyond the monetary framework. This thanks to its transparency, its security ...
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is an innovative system, created by a stranger whose pseudonym is Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, which makes it possible to check and transfer ...
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