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Ethereum must go into the real world according to its creator
Ethereum has lost as much as 60% in the space of three months. It went from 540 dollars to 215 dollars. Ethereum’s capitalization is now $ ...
What is a decentralized cryptocurrency application?
A decentralized application is an application that works on a decentralized network, unlike traditional applications which are linked to a network ...
Main crypto tokens by market capitalization
Here are the main crypto tokens by market capitalization. Unlike conventional crypto currencies, the capitalizations are rather homogeneous, ...
Main cryptocurrencies by market capitalization
This graph reveals the importance of the main cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Here is the breakdown among the overall capitalization ...
Goldman Sachs abandons cryptocurrencies
Goldman Sachs is said to be abandoning his plans to embark on cryptocurrency trading. The private bank wanted to create a trading desk specializing ...
The authority of the American markets is against ETFs on cryptocurrencies
Nine proposals for ETF index funds with Bitcoin indexing were rejected last month by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. These projects ...
Suspension of two trackers based on cryptocurrencies
Two trackers were suspended by the American gendarme of the financial markets. Namely Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tracker One. The reason ...
US regulators sanction cryptocurrency players
The Crypto Asset Management fund was sanctioned up to $ 200,000 by the SEC. This claimed to be properly registered and regulated, which was ...
Guide: how to buy cryptocurrencies
Purchasing Bitcoin or another cryptographic electronic money can be done in two steps. First you need to buy one of the most popular decentralized ...
Does Bitcoin price have a limit?
Today the price of Bitcoin (above) is at 10,800 dollars, while in January it was still at 816 dollars, in July it was at 1,900 dollars, in September ...
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