Electric car

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Tesla Model 3 specifications
Here are the specifications of the Tesla Model 3 (including the standard version, as well as the extended version), max speed, price, power, ...
Comparison of Tesla cars
Comparison of the different models of Tesla cars. There are other versions, like the S 85, and the variations of the Model X. With the name ...
Volvo will be 100% green in 2019
Volvo decided to sell only electric cars or hybrid models in 2019. Volvo, which belongs to Chinese Geely has indeed announced that all its ...
Soon electric cars with an autonomy of 1000 km
At the Fraunhofer Institute, researchers have designed a battery that would increase the autonomy of electric cars by 2020. Current batteries ...
Elon Musk wants to dig tunnels to avoid clogs on the road
Elon Musk would like to dig tunnels under the cities in order to reduce the traffic jams. To reach this goal, he would use new tunnel machines, ...
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