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How to convert cm to feet and inches in Excel
It might be useful to display size, for example human heights in inches and feet in order to satisfy american internet users while they are ...
How to ignore #DIV/0! and zeros in Excel with MEDIAN()
With the AVERAGE functions, either AVERAGE () or MEDIAN (), we have very quickly a problem when our data contains errors, for example zero values ...
How to have a better average in Excel?
With the functions of average in Excel, we quickly notice their limitation. For example AVERAGE() gives an overall average that can be highly ...
How to remove #DIV/0! and zero values in Excel?
When creating a table, with data and then calculations on this data in Excel, we can obtain cases with the value zero or the famous message ...
How to ignore #DIV/0! and zeros in Excel with AVERAGE()
The AVERAGE function has a problem generating a result from a column that presents errors, such as the famous #DIV/0!, or zero values. How can ...
Sum by week and day with Excel
You need to calculate the sum for the day, and for the week on an Excel sheet. How to proceed to get the results to these calculation automatically ...
How to get the average of the last 5 values in Excel
How to obtain the average of the last x cells in the Excel software and thus see if there is an evolution with our data compared to other averages, ...
Count the number of occurrence in Excel
How to count the number of occurrence of values in a column? For example we have a list of towns in the A column. Among this towns, some ...
Excel VBA, test of the And (&)
In an Excel VBA, how to detect a cell with a & character in a For loop ? You don’t necessarily need a loop in that case, here is an example ...
Choice of a list with a condition in Excel
There are two sheets, in which there is two colums : – from A1 to A3 with dates (example : 01/01/2016), – from B1 to B3 with titles ...
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