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How to plant lavender
If you can sow indoors, in a heated greenhouse, then you can sow as early as February. Otherwise, if you sow in an unheated interior, you will ...
The different types of lavender
If you want to obtain inexpensive lavender plants, then sowing lavender is the ideal choice. This plant is perfect if you want to form flower ...
Properties and virtues of lavender
Lavender is one of the most widely used fragrant plants after the rose to make perfumes. This shrub has the property of attracting a lot of ...
Different species of sunflower
There are a multitude of vigorous sunflowers. Here is the list of the annual plants that are most often grown in fields or gardens: - Heliantus ...
How to care for the sunflower
If the sunflower has taken hold, then this plant needs little maintenance. It only takes a few manipulations to maximize flower renewal and ...

How to have a sunflower in a pot?
If you have a balcony or patio, you can grow sunflower in a pot without any problem. It is however recommended to have sun during the day. Indeed, ...
When to sow sunflower seedlings?
First, make sure you have soil that is well-draining. Indeed, sunflowers do not like soils that are too wet. Sun is necessarily needed for the ...
Origin of sunflower
Sunflower has the Latin name helianthus annuus. This plant is part of the Asteraceae family. It is an annual plant, which means that its life ...