General history

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Muslim invasions and conquests of India between 711 and 1761
India was one of the main trading adversaries of the Muslim empires. When more and more Arab ships began to be attacked by Indian pirates in ...
The oldest prehistoric caves in the world
Here is the list of the oldest cave inhabited by men over time: The oldest cave inhabited by humans is the Malapa cave in South Africa. Previously ...
The oldest human cultures
Here is the list of the oldest cultures of humanity: The following cultures are missing from this list as their respective date of appearance ...
Destiny and future of humanity
Here is the list of events, inventions and discoveries of the future of humanity: The moon will not come out of its orbit contrary to what ...
The main inventions of humanity
Here is the list of the main events, inventions and discovery of the history of humanity: Question: Which countries have contributed most ...

The history of Corsica
Corsica is populated as early as the 6th millennium BC by Neolithic men. In the 7th century BC, the Vanacini, a tribe whose name means “stirring ...