Global programming

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Name of the “–>” operator in C++
For example in the following line that we often encounter with the C++ programming language, there is the accumulation of two different operators, ...
Sorted array faster than unsorted array
With the following line in a loop, the code will be executed ten times faster than without. The goal of this code is to determine first the ...
WTF language feature
Here are several WTF language example. We have different ways to write an object or get a same result. These different approaches are not always ...
Split a string in C++
How to split a string in C++. We often need to cut strings when we are working on a text editor, when we want to propose internet users to quote ...
Design a function f(f(n)) == -n
Where n is a 32 bit signed integer. Complex numbers arithmetic are forbidden. Design it for the largest range possible, knowing that you ...
Definition of a XY problem
A XY problem is when you ask advices about the solution suggested by yourself to a problem, rathen than asking for the solution to this problem. If ...
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