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D3 JS accent issue
The accent are not displayed with D3 javascript code, that can be a table code, a line chart, bar chart, pie, map, etc… The accent are ...
Google Chart slow
Google Chart may take sometimes several minutes to be drawn on your website, due to the low of Gstatic.com. Gstatic.com is a Google service ...
Free interactive charts
Score – free interactive charts API to display line charts, bar charts, pie charts, … 8/10 – Google Chart, 7/10 – NVD3, 7/10 ...
Redirect to another page in jQuery
How to redirect a user to another page with the help of jQuery. When you want to redirect the users, it is not necessary to use jQuery. You ...
Difference between JavaScript and Java
Java is for developping small pieces of code. It is a static typed language, class-based. Its functions are called at object creation. It is ...
Create a GUID in JavaScript
How to create a globally unique identifiers in Javascript. You have to determine if you want a GUID or random numbers that look like to GUIDs? You ...
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