Star Trek

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Population of the different races in Star Trek
Here is the non-exhaustive list of intelligent species in Star Trek with the most famous ones first. Then with the entities by quadrant, ie ...
What is your favorite Star Trek series?
When you're little, you quickly become a fan of Star Wars, but you're still a stranger to Star Trek. And for good reason, Star Trek is more ...
The Warp in Star Trek
The Warp is the unit of measurement of the speed above the speed of light. This is called the warp factor to express the intensity of the ...
The economics in Star Trek
The economics in the Star Trek universe is a utopia, at least in the Federation of the United Planets. It is indeed a system without money, ...
The Traveler in Star Trek
In 2364, Starfleet encounters a specimen that calls himself the Traveler , whose true name of the species would be unpronounceable by humans. ...
The Q in Star Trek
The Qs have their own contiuum time space, they can appear at any time, anywhere in the Universe. They can change whatever they want at will ...
The Federation in Star Trek
The Federation of the United Planets is an interplanetary federal republic. More than 150 planets, several thousand colonies, on the Alpha and ...
The Douwds in Star Trek
The Douwds are a species made of pure energy. Each being is immortal and of multiple appearances. They can thus take the human appearance. They ...
The Weibrand logarithmic development scale in Star Trek
The Weibrand logarithmic development scale in the Star Trek universe is the scale of intelligence level of civilizations. It makes it possible ...
The Organians in Star Trek
Basically, the Organians were corporeal beings. Then with time and according to their desire, they evolved into non-corporeal beings. In ...
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