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Internet browser market share in the world
Here is the market share of different web browsers in the world. Chrome keeps on grabbing parts. Apple's web browser, Safari, remains broadly ...
Auto resize pictures to fit browser screen in Chrome
You may have the following issue: each time that you open a picture in your browser, Chrome will display it with a wide zoom version, which ...
Firefox in the abyss in front of Chrome
In less than two years Internet Explorer market share of web browsers has decreased from 50% to 18%. While Chrome has increased from 29% ...
Putin bans all VPN services and the use of proxies
In preparation for the upcoming elections in March 2018, the Russian parliament has proposed an amendment to ban VPN services, as well as the ...
Change the color of the visited links in Google
You have to add a plugin in Google Chrome to change the color of the visited link by red for example. It is called Stylist. Go in settings ...
Can’t find the webpage, ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error code
After a AdwCleaner clean up, when we launch Google Chrome, there is a page where we get the message : This page can not be found. No webpage ...
Solution to the message clients1.google.com malware-gen
You have an alert message that appears in the Avast WebShield software. This message gives a We address and specifies that it is a Malware-gen. ...
Slow navigation with Google
Your navigation may be slow while trying to access Google or Google's search results pages. This problem can come from several sources, whether ...
How to remove Cast from Chrome
Cast is an option automatically integrated in Chrome, it appears as soon as you right click. And we can not find the copy option anymore. It ...
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