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How to block an IP with the OVH firewall?
How to block an IP address with the OVH firewall? OVH allows you to create a firewall with its web hosting, whether it is a VPS or a dedicated ...
What alternative to OVH?
You have difficulties with OVH because of their technical support difficult to reach? Here are the possible alternatives in terms of web hosting ...
Best VPS provider
Here is the ranking of the best services offering a VPS (virtual private server) with a competitive cost. In this list, there is a lack of service ...
Top VPS services that accept adult content
Here is the list of VPS hosts (virtual private servers) that accept websites with adult content: The most attractive service is DigitalOcean. ...
Top web hostings that accept adult content
List of web hosts that accept websites with adult content; with their rank alexa, the monthly price, the space available, the monthly traffic: The ...
How to put a cap on the total monthly outgoing data ?
You can use th tc command, combined with the tbf (tocken bucket filter) to put a cap on the total monthly outgoing data. If you have a line ...
One SSH server keys and multiple devices
Is it okay to have several devices and only one SSH keys to access to them ? It is up to the owner of the devices. On one hand, having ...
Virtual Machine Message : There is no more space
If you get the message there is no more space with your virtual machine, you can extend the datastore size online, put the data store of the ...
VPS high memory usage
Why is the server using too much charge of the memory, whereas the server has been freshly installed !? Don’t worry, this is Linux that ...
Hubic Invalid application name
The name of the application must be unique, it must not have been used or created by another user of the service. Remember to take several ...
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