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How to increase Amazon sales as an affiliate
Create comparative tables of products, with their characteristics, notes, opinions, prices. This creates quality content. Most consumers will ...
[Solution] Update your client software to continue using Let's Encrypt
If you are using Let's Encrypt and the Certbot user agent to renew your SSL certificate, you may get a warning email stating that your software ...
Issue with Google Analytics which no longer captures visitors
This is very rare, but it may sometimes happen that Google Analytics stops wholly or partially storing the statistics of your site. Namely, ...
Amazon link localizer solutions
When you join the Amazon associate program, you can subscribe to the other national versions of Amazon, namely UK, Germany, Canada, France, ...
Create a SWAP space in Debian
A SWAP can be an excellent option when you need more memory and you physical memory is limited. The system will use a part of this virtual memory ...
MySQL error : Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket
Here is an error that can came out of the blue at you. This error often happens when you make a major modification on your server, when you ...
Alternative to Analytics and its not provided queries
You can go in Google Webmaster Tools, then Traffic > Search queries. It won’t show you the same intuitive way to know all the keywords ...
Passing “NULL” to a SOAP web service in ActionScript 3
If you get the following error when you search a “NULL” string, then you can put the “NULL” data as CDATA values to avoid encoding issues. ...
Rename quickly a MySQL database
How to quickly change the schema name of a MySQL database. Instead of making the dump of database and reimporting it with a new name, you ...
Too many certificates already issued for: cu.cc
Cu.cc is a free extension which permits us to test the possibility to have a domain name, how to manage it, etc. If you encounter the following ...
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