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Google market share worldwide
Here are Google’s worldwide market shares. We realize that Google remains a behemoth against Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex RU which are microscopic. ...
China wants a Chinese Wikipedia
China plans to recruit 20,000 writers to create its own Wikipedia. As the Chinese version of Wikipedia is partially censored by the government, ...
Extratorrent.cc has shutdown
When we go to the site, we get the following message: “ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently”. ExtraTorrent was the second world’s ...
Where are the IMDb forums ?
It seems that the IMDb forums have totally disappeared from the web. Here is their message if we go at this address : http://www.imdb.com/boards/
Free secure email services
Best web services that proposes free email accounts with a secure access and mail transfer : Alexa rank – Service 1 – https://mail.google.com/mail/ 6 ...
What is the difference between Serverfault and Stackoverflow?
Serverfault is mainly concentrated on scripting, automation; more specifically about installation, configuration, PHP, server, modules. Commands, ...
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