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What is the best extension of related articles for WordPress
There is a plethora of extensions to get the famous related articles. The reality is that most of them are just bad. They can have a very good ...
Category pagination links don’t work in WordPress
Category pagination may not work if you set the following permalink. It can be due to several combinations of extensions that are not compatible, ...
Remove the sidebar in WordPress
How to remove the sidebar of WordPress if you want the entire width to display your articles? First, you need to determine the class of your ...
WP Syntax no scroll bar
To delete the horizontal scroll bar under the source code div, you have to do some modification in the style sheet of the respective extension. Remove ...
SFTP access and RSA key with WordPress
The RSA key is certainly the best way to secure the access to a server and definitively stop bots that constantly try to break into our system. How ...
Rewrite http to https in the database of WordPress
The rewrite module is essential when you want to administer a website, to reference it to search engine to ease its sharing on social networks, ...
Horizontal align WP-PageNavi pagination
Unfortunately, there is no option with the WP-PageNavi plugin to center the pagination part of your Wordpress blog, you will have to modify ...
Can’t connect to the FTP in WordPress while installing a theme
This issue can appears when we try to replace the default theme by a new one of our choice. If you can’t access to the FTP in WordPress when ...
How to resolve the WordPress Error 500
How to resolve the WordPress Error 500 ? Most of the time it will be an issue with your .htaccess file. Save it, remove it to check. If ...
Should we add the category inside the url of a WordPress blog ?
Is it still useful to add the category inside the permalinks of a WordPress blog ? At the beginning of the 2000’s years, it was classic ...
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