Destiny and future of humanity

Here is the list of events, inventions and discoveries of the future of humanity:

The moon will not come out of its orbit contrary to what we might think.

The next machine that will drastically change the future of humanity is undoubtedly the nuclear fusion generator, which should be developed within 15 years, according to experts.

Destiny and future of humanity
Event, invention, discoveryDateType
Autonomous car (operational)2020Transport
Witricity (operational)2020Energy
Humanoid robot home help2025Robotics
Hyperloop (operational)2025Transport
Delivery drone (operational)2025Transport
Medical assistant IA2025IA
Flying taxi (operational)2030Transport
Financial advisor IA2030IA
Nuclear fusion2030Energy
Secretary, hostess IA2030IA
Machine to read the thoughts2030Telecommunication
Disappearance of physical money2030Economy
True holographic image2030Technology
Politician IA2030IA
Animal rights2035Society
Artificial food2035Food
Aids cure2035Health
Bionic artificial heart operational2035Health
Restructuring of the Internet2035Data processing
Military exoskeleton2040Technology
Quantum computer for private individuals2040Data processing
Inter-species communication2040Science
Plane, train, truck, autonomous boat2040IA
Injection without needle2040Health
Humanoid robot worker, bricklayer, gardener2040Robotics
Moon base2040Science
Use of nanobots in medicine2045Health
Underground cities2050Technology
Interactive tattoo2050Technology
Shared consciousness2050Technology
Artificial skin2050Health
Martian base2050Science
End of oil2050Energy
Obligation to have a permanently geolocatable phone2058Security
Cancer cure2060Health
Underwater cities2060Technology
Invisibility cloak2060Weapon
Military humanoid robot2060Robotics
Operational organic heart2060Health
World War 100% drones and robots2060War
Camera required in every room, at every crossroads2065Society
Installation of satellite terminals at each square mile2065Security
Mining of the Moon2070Trade
City boat2070Technology
End of nuclear fission2070Energy
Animal cloning allowed2080Society
Return of the arena games2090Entertainment
Brain implants to increase intellectual capacity2095Science
Bionic hearing2100Health
Elevation of the sea of one meter2100Nature
Abandonment of the countryside for the benefit of nature2100Society
Bionic eye2105Health
Brain imagination interaction2105Science
Air illumination without bulb2115Technology
Artificial gravity2115Technology
Space station near first asteroid belt2120Science
Air town2120Technology
Brain connection to a virtual world2125Science
Virtual prison2127Society
Ability to destroy memories2135Science
Triple therapy possible on all rare diseases2140Health
Disappearance of digital money on Earth2140Economy
Creation of a stellar currency2140Economy
Organic computer2140Data processing
Exploitation of metals and water asteroids2150Trade
Transit of the brain into an artificial body2160Health
Molecular disintegrator2170Science
Spaceships race2175Entertainment
Possibility to replace bones2175Health
Nerve regeneration2180Health
Organic regenerator2180Health
First robot freeing2200Robotics
Theoretical immortality2230Health
Space station near second asteroid belt2240Science
Cyborg robot2300Robotics
Space arch outside the solar system2450Science
Plasma ray jet2480Weapon
Antimatter energy motor2520Energy
First human in another solar system2550Science
Organic robot2600Technology
Exploitation of diamonds on Neptune2600Trade
Meeting with a smart extraterrestrial being2900Science
Mamouth resurrected3000Science
Dinosaur resurrected3200Science
Mars terraforming3500Science
Earth - Mars war5800War
Terraforming of Venus7000Science
Understanding of the black hole phenomenon9500Science
Understanding of the big bang phenomenon15000Science
Understanding of the phenomenon of infinite space35000Science
Travel by wormhole40000Transport
Interstellar war45000War
New ice age50000Nature
Eruption of a supervolcan100000Nature
New island near Hawaii250000Nature
The Earth is hit by an asteroid 1 mile in diameter500000Nature
Marine human750000Science
Air human800000Science
Civilization type III reached100000Society
Major eruption of a supervolcan1000000Nature
Supernova Betelgeuse is visible in the sky during the day1000000Space
Time machine1800000Transport
The Phobos Moon disintegrates in the Martian sky8000000Space
The valley of the great rift becomes a sea (Africa)10000000Nature
The Mediterranean Sea becomes closed50000000Nature
Colonization of the entire galaxy by humans50000000Nature
Meteorite of 10 km² crashes on Earth100000000Space
The solar system has gone around the center of the galaxy240000000Space
Formation of a new Pangea250000000Nature
Space travel by thought300000000Transport
First human in another galaxy300000000Transport
A gamma burst destabilizes the ozone layer500000000Space
Intergalactic war500000000Space
Increasing solar brightness decreases CO2600000000Nature
Absence of CO2 and extinction of multi-cellular life800000000Nature
Solar luminosity increased by 10%, 47°C on Earth, evaporation of the oceans1000000000Nature
The human becomes a big brain in a sphere1000000000Evolution
Total disappearance of the oceans on Earth1100000000Space
End of eukaryote life on Earth1300000000Nature
Earth's magnetic field goes out2300000000Nature
147°C average on Earth, there is only life left in the caves and caves2800000000Nature
Disappearance of prokaryotic life on Earth2800000000Space
The human becomes a spectral being3000000000Evolution
Mercury collides with Venus3300000000Space
Earth has the same atmosphere as Venus3500000000Space
Disappearance of the atmosphere on Earth4000000000Space
Collision between Andromeda and the Milky Way, fusion of the two galaxies4000000000Space
Big Rip, catastrophe event provoking the end of the possible time5000000000Space
The Sun begins its transformation into a red giant5400000000Space
Creation of worlds by thought6000000000Evolution
Moon dislocates by rubbing the surface of the Earth6000000000Space
The Sun engulfs the Earth6000000000Space
Power of omniscience6250000000Science
First human in another universe of the multiverse6500000000Transport
First human in a parallel universe7000000000Transport
Mercury, Venus and the Earth are totally destroyed7900000000Space
The Sun has become a white dwarf8000000000Space
First human in another dimension11000000000Transport
The Sun has become a black dwarf14400000000Space
End of the birth of stars in galaxies1E+12Space
Big Chill (Big Frost) of the universe1E+14Space
There are no stars except white dwarfs1.1E+14Space
The planets of the solar system have been ejected10^27Space
Stars have been ejected from their galaxies10^31Space
End of the nucleons2×10^36Space
End of protons3×10^43Space
End of black holes1,7×10^106Space
End of baryons10^1500Space
Big Crunch of the universe10^10^26Space
New Big Bang10^10^56Space

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