Several dozen bites on the legs in Guadeloupe

You have several tens of bites in the legs while you are in the Antilles, what can be the origin?
If you haven't noticed any mosquitoes and you sleep under a mosquito net, it is very likely that it is another insect belonging to the same family, namely the biting gnat, also called yen yen.

This midge is very small, it can be less than 1 mm, it can be invisible and yet its bite which is actually a bite, can be more painful and more irritating than a mosquito bite.

The yen yen originally comes from Martinique. People living in the West Indies for several decades are generally naturally immune to it. It is the tourists, the families coming from the metropolis, the passing professionals who are the victims. A swarm of yen yen can achieve up to 800 bites in half an hour.


What are the solutions to these biting midges? As a prevention, you can take monoi oil. Monoi oil is an oil obtained from Tahitian tiare flowers. These flowers are macerated at the bud stage, then the macerate is left to settle, tocopheryl acetate (a natural antioxidant) is added.

If you already have several dozen bites, then it is recommended to apply bay rum. It is a mixture of healing Indian wood and alcohol in small plastic bottles. It disinfects and soothes a lot.

Above all, avoid scratching yourself, or your legs will bleed. The new bites will revive all the other bites on your body and cause any burns to swell.

If the itching persists, it is advisable to take a hydrocortisone ointment, such as ointosis, which can be found in pharmacies.

Put essential oils, such as lemongrass essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil in the house, apartment or bungalow in which you are in order to keep away insects.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

If you still have new bites, then you will have no choice but to cover yourself entirely with tight clothes. Because if you put only jeans, the midges will then concentrate on your arms.

These midges are appearing more and more in mainland France, as in 2015 in Lorraine during the heat wave. With global warming, we can expect to see them gain more and more ground on Earth.

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