Germany tests induction routes

Germany will be testing roads that will be able to charge electric cars using induction, starting in 2021. Driving at least 100 meters will be enough for the car's battery to recharge. It is a subsidiary of the French company Vinci, Eurovia and an Israeli firm which specializes in rechargeable roads, ElectReon, which will launch this experiment. EnBW (Energie Baden-Wurtenberg) will supply the electricity. The test will take place near the town of Karlsruhe in Germany. The section in question will initially be 100 meters long, then will be extended to 600 meters.

The goal is to see what are the recharging capacities of this type of technology. The Karlsruhe electric buses will be responsible for obtaining data regularly, using the section to partially recharge. This will allow us to assess the progress made in energy recovery. Being able to recharge the vehicle while driving will avoid stopping at a station to fill up with electricity.

Other experiments have already taken place in Israel and Sweden through the company ElectReon. Eurovia will take care of the commercial offer and the infrastructure. This induction road device will ultimately push manufacturers to reduce the size of the batteries on board electric vehicles. It will be a very good alternative to charging stations that require at least 30 minutes of waiting to have an acceptable charge.

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