The greatest wars and battles of the Renaissance - Part 1

Here is the list of the greatest wars and battles during the Renaissance period (also called modern times), from 1492 to 1789:

During this period, there were at least 12.5 million war dead. It is much more than during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. That’s nearly 2% of the world population of 1750.

The war that has involved the most people is the Thirty Years War with 0.2% of humanity.

It is indicated Austrian, but until 1800, it is the Holy Roman Empire, so it is the Germans, Austrians, part of Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic.

The greatest wars and battles of the Renaissance
BattleDatesCountryFirst belligerantSecond belligerantWorld
Taking of Granada2nd January 1492Spain100,000 Spanish30,000 Nasrids0,0269%58,000
Battle of Fornovo6th July 1495Italia8,000 French12,500 Venetians0,0042%3,000
Battle of Agnadel14th May 1509Italia30,000 French15,000 Venetians0,0093%15,500
Battle of Ravenna11th April 1512Italia23,000 French16,000 Spanish, pontificalx0,0081%13,500
Battle of Novara6th June 1513Italia21,200 French13,000 Swiss, Milanese0,0070%11,500
Battle of Azemmour29th August - 2nd September 1513Morocco44,000 Portuguese- Wattassids0,0091%-
Battle of Flodden Field9th September 1513England26,000 English35,000 Scottish0,0126%13,500
Battle of Tchaldiran23rd August, 1514Iran55,000 Safavid60,000 Ottomans0,0238%7,000
Battle of Marignan13th - 14 September 1515Italia32,500 French, Venetians30,200 Swiss, Milanese0,0130%18,000
Battle of Marj Dabiq24th August 1516Syria65,000 Ottomans80,000 Mamluks0,0301%85,000
Noche Sad30th June 1520Mexique30,000 Aztecs11,500 Spanish, Tlaxcaltecs0,0086%6,600
Battle of Otumba7th July 1520Mexique500 Spanish40,000 Aztecs0,0084%10,073
Siege of Tenochtitlan30th May - 13th August 1521Mexique51,000 Spanish, Tlaxcaltecs60,000 Aztecs0,0230%70,600
Battle of Noain30th June 1521Spain10,000 Navarres30,000 Castilians0,0083%6,300
Battle of La Bicoque27th April 1522Italia31,000 French, Venetians7,000 Spanish, Austrians0,0079%4,000
Battle of Pavia24th February 1525Switzerland30,000 French23,000 Austrians, Spanish0,0101%12,500
Siege of Vienna27th September - 15th October 1529Austria23,000 Austrians, Gypsies120,000 Ottomans0,0274%15,000
Battle of Antoukyah1531Ethiopia100,000 Ethiopians12,000 adals0,0214%-
Battle of Obertyn22nd August 1531Poland20,000 Moldavians6,000 Polish0,0050%8,256
Siege of CorfuAugust - September 1537Italia23,000 Ottomans, French120,000 Venetians, Genoa0,0274%15,000
Shipping from Algiers20th October - 1st November 1541Algeria6,000 Ottomans21,800 Austrians, Spanish0,0053%12,200
Battle of Solway Moss24th November 1542Scotland18,000 Scottish3,000 English0,0044%27
Battle of Pinkie Cleugh10th September 1547Scotland36,000 Scottish15,000 English0,0106%10,500
Siege of Haddington1548-1549Scotland6,000 Scottish, French15,000 English0,0044%-
Siege of Metz19th October 1552 - 2nd January 1553France60,000 Austrians5,000 French0,0124%30,000
Battle of Marciano2nd August 1554Italia13,000 French, Tuscan13,300 Spanish, florentins0,0050%6,200
Battle of Gravelines1st - 13th July 1558France18,000 Spanish14,000 French0,0057%12,700
Siege of Szigetvár6th August - 8th September 1566Hongria3,600 Habsburgs300,000 Ottomans0,0581%33,000
Battle of Jemmingen21st July 1568Germany15,000 Spanish12,000 Dutch0,0048%7,080
Battle of Jodoigne20th October 1568Netherlands21,500 Spanish30,000 Dutch0,0092%3,020
Russian-Turkish War of 1568-15701568 - 1570Russia30,000 Russians70,000 tatars, Turkish0,0178%-
Siege of Famagusta22nd August 1570 - 4th August 1571Cyprus7,000 Venetians100,000 Ottomans0,0205%56,000
Siege of Alkmaar8th October 1573Netherlands15,000 Spanish800 Dutch0,0028%524
Battle of Mook15th April 1574Netherlands5,500 Spanish8,100 Dutch0,0024%3,150
Antwerp saccage4th November - 7th November 1576Belgium20,000 Dutch2,200 Spanish0,0040%-
Battle of Gembloux31st January 1578Netherlands17,000 Spanish25,000 Dutch0,0075%10,020
Battle of Rijmenam1st August 1578Netherlands17,000 Spanish17,000 Dutch0,0600%-
Battle of the Three Kings4th August 1578Morocco42,000 Moroccans, Ottomans45,000 Portuguese0,0155%18,000
Siege of Maastricht12th March - 1st July 1579Netherlands7,200 Dutch20,000 Spanish0,0048%-
Battle of Alcántara25th August 1580Portugal13,800 Spanish8,000 Portuguese0,0037%4,500
Siege of AntwerpJuly 1584 - 17th August 1585Belgium80,000 Dutch40,000 Spanish-8,000
Battle of Zutphen22nd September 1586Netherlands17,000 Dutch, English25,500 Spanish0,0076%10,500
Battle of Coutras20th October 1587France6,800 Huguenots6,800 royalists0,0025%2,040
Battle of Gravelines8th August 1588France20,000 English30,000 Spanish0,0089%-
Siege of Busan13th - 14th April 1592Corea15,000 Japaneses8,000 Corean0,0041%8,000
Siege of Dongrae15th April 1592Corea18,000 toyotomis3,000 Joseons0,0037%3,100
Battle of Sangju24th April 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses1,000 Corean0,0035%1,000
Battle of Chungju28th April 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses100,000 Corean0,0247%-
Battle of the Imjin River17th - 18th May 1592Corea20,000 Japaneses13,000 Corean0,0059%-
Siege of Pyongyang14th June - 1st August 1592Corea18,700 Japaneses20,000 Corean0,0069%400
Siege of Pyongyang8th January 1593Corea18,000 Japaneses40,000 Corean, Mings0,0085%1,440
Battle of Byeokjegwan27th January 1593Chine40,000 Japaneses20,000 mings0,0107%6,000
Siege of Haengju12th February 1593Corea3,000 Corean30,000 Japaneses0,0059%15,130
Siege of JinjuJuly 1593Corea90,000 Japaneses6,000 Corean0,0171%60,000
Siege of Groenlo14th - 24th July 1595Netherlands6,000 Dutch8,300 Spanish0,0025%-
Taking of Cadiz30th June - 15th July 1596Spain14,000 anlgais5,000 Spanish0,0034%-
Battle of Turnhout24th January 1597Belgium6,800 Dutch, English4,500 Spanish0,0020%2,000
Siege of Namwon12th - 15th August 1597Corea56,800 Japaneses15,000 Corean0,0125%14,000
Battle of Jiksan7th September 1597Corea35,000 Japaneses4,000 Mings0,0069%700
Siege of Ulsan23rd December 1597 - 4th January 1598Corea47,500 Corean, chinois65,000 Japaneses0,0196%26,000
Siege of Sacheon28th - 29th September 1598Corea10,000 Japaneses36,200 Corean0,0082%30,000
Battle of Şelimbăr18th October 1599Romania30,000 Valachies26,000 Transylvanians0,0100%2,500
Battle of Nieuwpoort2nd July 1600Belgium11,900 Dutch, English7,200 Spanish0,0032%4,000
French-Savoyard War1600 - 1601France16,000 French- Savoyards0,0028%-
Siege of Ostend4th July 1601 - 22th September 1604Belgium- Dutch, English- Spanish-85,000
Battle of Kinsale2nd October 1601 - 3rd January 1602Ireland7,400 English, Irish Allied9,400 Irish, Spanish0,0030%1,200
Siege of Groenlo3rd August 1606 - 9th November 1606Netherlands6,000 Dutch15,000 Spanish0,0037%-
Battle of Ţuţora17th September - 7th October 1620Romania10,000 Ukrainians, Moldavians22,000 Ottomans0,0057%-
Thirty Years War1618 - 1648Europa661,000 Swedish, French450,000 Spanish, Germans0,1957%7,000,000
Battle of Pilsen19th September - 21st November 1618Czech republic20,000 Gypsies- Austrians0,0036%-
Battle of Humenné23rd November 1619Slovakia10,000 Ukrainians7,000 Transylvanians0,0030%-
Battle of the White Mountain8th November 1620Czech republic21,000 Gypsies29,000 Austrians0,0089%5,700
Battle of Khotin2nd September - 9th October 1621Ukraine50,000 Ukrainians100,000 Ottomans0,0267%54,500
Battle of Wimpfen6th May 1622Germany20,000 Germans15,000 Spanish0,0062%4,000
Battle of Höchst20th June 1622Germany17,000 Gypsies26,000 Austrians0,0077%2,100
Siege of Berg-op-Zoom18th July - 2nd October 1622Netherlands- Dutch20,600 Spanish0,0037%5,000
Battle of Fleurus29th August 1622Belgium14,000 Protestants8,000 Spanish0,0043%5,300
Battle of Stadtlohn6th August 1623Germany15,000 Protestants- catholics0,0027%10,000
Siege of Breda27th August 1624 - 5th June 1625Netherlands14,000 Dutch18,000 Spanish0,0057%10,000
Battle of Dessau25th April 1626Germany12,000 Protestants20,000 Austrians0,0057%4,000
Siege of Groenlo20th July - 19th August 1627Netherlands20,000 Dutch22,800 Spanish0,0084%-
Battle of Wolgast2nd September 1628Germany6,000 Danish8,000 Austrians0,0025%1,000
Magdeburg saccage20th May 1631Germany24,000 Austrians2,400 Saxons0,0046%25,300
Battle of Werben22th July 1631Germany16,000 Swedish23,000 Austrians0,0069%6,000
Battle of Breitenfeld17th September 1631Germany36,000 Swedish40,000 Austrians0,0135%16,000
Battle of Rain am Lech14th - 15th April 1632Germany40,000 Swedish25,000 Austrians0,0116%5,000
Siege of Maastricht9th June - 22nd August 1632Netherlands21,000 Dutch29,000 Spanish0,0099%-
Battle of Alte Jacket9th September 1632Germany70,000 Swedish60,000 Austrians0,0231%2,500
Battle of Lützen6th November 1632Germany19,000 Swedish17,000 Austrians0,0064%3,400
Battle of Oldendorf8th July 1633Germany13,000 Swedish15,000 Austrians0,0050%3,700
Battle of Nördlingen5th - 6th September 1634Germany16,000 Swedish21,000 Austrians0,0066%17,000
Battle of the Avins20th May 1635Belgium35,000 French14,000 Spanish0,0087%5,000
Siege of Leuven24th June - 4th July 1635Belgium4,000 Spanish50,000 French0,0096%12,000
Battle of Tornavento22nd June 1636Belgium10,500 French14,000 Spanish0,0043%-
Siege of Corbie24th September - 9th November 1636France52,000 French35,000 Dutch0,0155%-
Battle of Wittstock4th October 1636Germany22,000 Swedish30,000 Austrians0,0093%16,000
Siege of Breda21st July - 11th October 1637Netherlands18,000 Dutch, English3,000 Spanish0,0041%-
Battle of Kallo20th June 1638Belgium22,000 Dutch8,000 Spanish0,0059%2,784
Battle of Hondarribia7th September 1638Spain18,000 French1,300 Spanish0,0034%4,000
Battle of Thionville7th June 1639France14,000 Spanish9,000 French0,0041%7,500
Battle of Montjuïc26th January 1641Spain6,000 French23,000 Spanish0,0052%-
Battle of Marfée6th July 1641England13,000 French14,000 parlementarians0,0056%2,500
Battle of Honnecourt26th May 1642France10,000 French19,000 Spanish0,0052%7,500
Battle of Leipzig23rd October 1642Germany15,000 Swedish18,000 Austrians0,0059%19,000
Battle of Rocroi19th May 1643France25,000 French28,000 Spanish0,0094%10,000
First Battle of Newbury20th September 1643France14,500 royalists11,000 Austrians0,0043%3,000
Battle of Marston Moor2nd July 1644England22,500 parlementarians17,000 royalists0,0078%4,300
Battle of Friborg3rd - 5th August 1644Germany20,000 French16,500 Austrians0,0065%15,000
Second Battle of Newbury27th October 1644England19,000 royalists8,500 parlementarians0,0054%3,500
Battle of Jüterbog23rd November 1644Germany16,000 Swedish15,000 Austrians0,0055%3,800
Battle of Jankau6th March 1645Czech republic16,000 Swedish18,000 Austrians0,0060%6,000
Battle of Alerheim3rd August 1645Germany17,000 French15,000 Austrians0,0057%8,000
Siege of Hulst7th October - 4th November 1645Netherlands15,000 Dutch2,500 Spanish0,0034%4,100
Siege of Lleida12th May - 22th November 1646Spain12,000 French17,000 Spanish0,0052%-
Battle of Preston17th au 19th August 1648England8,600 revolutionaries11,000 royalists, Scottish0,0039%2,100
Battle of Lens20th August 1648France16,000 French20,000 Spanish0,0064%6,500
Battle of Dunbar3rd September 1650Scotland11,000 Scottish11,000 English0,0034%3,020
Battle of Warsaw28th - 30th July 1656Poland19,000 Swedish36,000 Polish0,0106%4,100
Battle of Prostki8th October 1656Poland7,300 Swedish12,000 Polish0,0038%5,250
Russian-Swedish War1656 - 1658Finland25,000 Swedish45,000 Russians0,0138%29,500
Battle of the Dunes14th June 1658France15,000 French, English14,000 Spanish0,0057%1,400
Battle of Nyborg14th November 1659Denmark11,000 Danish, Austrians7,000 Swedish0,0035%3,900
Battle of Tangier4th May 1664Morocco500 English11,000 Moroccans0,0018%470
Battle of St. Gotthard1st August 1664Hongria22,000 Austrians, French30,000 Ottomans0,0102%14,000
War of Devolution24th May 1667 - 4th May 1668Netherlands, France230,000 French400,000 Spanish, English0,1241%-
Siege of Groenlo1st - 10 June 1672Netherlands100,000 French600 Dutch0,0198%-
Siege of Nijmegen3th July - 9th July 1672Netherlands50,000 French4,400 Dutch0,0107%-
Siege of Groningen9th July - 28th August 1672Netherlands24,000 Germans- Dutch0,0047%12,000
Battle of Khotin11th November 1673Ukraine30,000 Moldavians35,120 Ottomans0,0128%-
Siege of Besançon19th April - 22th May 1674France70,000 French- Dutch, Spanish0,0138%-
Battle of Seneffe11th August 1674Belgium44,200 French62,000 Dutch, Spanish0,0213%25,000
Battle of Entzheim4th October 1674France25,000 French35,000 Austrians0,0118%6,500
Battle of Turckheim5th January 1675France30,000 French50,000 Austrians0,0158%-
Battle of Fehrbellin28th June 1675Germany5,600 Germans11,000 Swedish0,0033%1,100
Battle of Salzbach27th July 1675Germany20,000 French25,000 Austrians0,0089%-

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