How to increase the number of stars in Jurassic World Evolution?

In the Jurassic World Evolution #ad video game, the island rating is very important in order to be able to advance in the game and move on to the next island and thus be entitled to new challenges, new dinosaurs, buildings, genes. This is a rating with a number of stars. It is above all the satisfaction of visitors that will determine this score. This satisfaction is obtained on several points, first of all the variety of dinosaurs present in the enclosures, their well-being, the rating of the dinosaurs. Then the infrastructure will have to be complete, with fast food restaurants, toilets, various shops (toy shop, souvenir shop, ready-to-wear shop), entertainment (bowling alleys, arcades), a science center, a fossil stand.

We can diversify the type of buildings by selling certain varieties of food for example, with higher prices. Then, we can put restaurants.

Good visibility of the dinosaurs is required, with the establishment of several observatories adjacent to the enclosure or observation towers, or even later gyrospheres. Feeders can be set up not too far from the observation structures to satisfy tourists.

Do not forget to set up transport (monorail) to facilitate the movement of visitors inside the park.

The dinosaur rating is essential in Jurassic World Evolution. To increase the rating of a dinosaur, you can directly modify its genome during incubation. It can also be offered potential prey if it is a carnivorous animal. Indeed, by eating other animals, or by attacking them, his score will increase significantly, which will raise the joy of visitors but also the park's income.

The installation of bunker-type shelters reassures park customers. We can thus offer them shelter if necessary, when there is a storm, or when a dinosaur escapes from the enclosure.

To increase the level of satisfaction of the park, it is enough to see which are the areas where there are gaps. To do this, we click on the rating (the stars) and we look at the respective satisfaction rate for each sector.

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