How to increase the rating of dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution?

In the Jurassic World Evolution #ad video game, raising the rating of the dinosaurs is a crucial point in order to be able to progress drastically. Dinosaurs with high marks will automatically increase the satisfaction rate of its visitors. This will also have the effect of considerably increasing the revenues of the park.

How to raise a dinosaur's rating?

We have two possibilities. We can act directly on the incubation of the dinosaur by manipulating its genome. For that we will apply certain genetic manipulations to him which will modify parts of his character, whether it is the attack, the defense, his resistance against diseases, the viability. We can apply several modifications that will increase these aspects tenfold and therefore increase the final grade of the dinosaur. Often, raising the bill will have a cost, the dinosaur will be either too aggressive, with the risk of escape from the enclosure and therefore endangering visitors; is not very viable with the risk of rejection during incubation and therefore a sharp financial loss. This last case is very annoying when you try to create and transfer a dinosaur whose cost is exorbitant and ultimately all you get is rejection during its genesis.

Another possibility is to offer the dinosaur potential preys, or even predators that the animal can defeat itself. By assaulting, defending or killing dinosaurs, the animal's score rises.

Thus, the higher the ratings, the higher the rating of the park with the stars, as will the overall income which will reach new heights and will allow us to decorate our island with all the infrastructure necessary for the successful management of the park.

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