Jurassic World Evolution tips and advice

There are many ways to manage a park in the Jurassic World Evolution #ad game, but the same guideline easily makes it possible to satisfy its visitors and thus to have higher income.

Here are the most important points for success:

Visibility of dinosaurs

Set up several observatories, whether they are bleachers or observation towers with feeders close enough so that visitors can easily see the different animals present in the enclosure.

Variety and comfort of dinosaurs

We must seriously consider incubating a wide variety of dinosaurs, with herbivores, carnivores, whether small or large. The comfort of the dinosaurs must be taken into account. If you don't have time to satisfy an animal with a low comfort level, you can always sell it by anesthetizing it and selling it using a transport helicopter ("R" key on the keyboard). Otherwise, we can act on its comfort by setting up a suitable environment (lake, meadow, feeder), by putting congeners of the same species, enough prey.

Dinosaur note

Dinosaur scores are increased during incubation by manipulating the animal's genome. Or by giving it preys that will also be eaten soon. The more the dinosaur kills other animals, the more its rating will increase. Higher overall scores will lead to a larger park score, as will a stronger income.

Fast food

Food and drink should be easy for visitors to find. You can vary the type of structure by changing the food, with higher prices if necessary.


The toilets have a small structure, which allows several to be installed throughout the park.


We have the souvenir shops, the toy shops, the ready-to-wear shops. These stores act directly on the revenues linked to the services provided to visitors.


Entertainment is not negligible in the happiness of park patrons. We have bowling, but also the arcade.


A large park with endless roads needs faster transportation. The monorail will be perfect so that the transport bill is increased.


Safety is an essential point of the game. The visitor must be reassured in the event of a storm or the intrusion of a dinosaur outside the enclosure. Otherwise the tourist can be attacked or downright devoured by an animal, which will result in serious legal proceedings and ultimately large financial losses which can plunge us into the red. The installation of concrete fences around the enclosures; we select the fence and at the bottom left of the screen we move the cursor on the concrete version.

The specificities of the buildings

Do not forget to apply the improvements obtained in the game to your buildings. For example, we have better production for electricity, lower structural costs, less risk of power outage, longer incubation time. shorter, shorter research time, increased dinosaur viability, more tasks for the guardhouse, for the UC center, more research teams, expeditions, more room to receive study fossils.


Also consider setting up a science center, a fossil stand. These buildings enhance the park, hence customer satisfaction, as well as income.

Before moving on to the next island, think about accumulating the expensive fossils that you will sell later to have a significant additional financial savings and which will make your life easier, especially in a deficit park.

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