Keyboard backlight issue on Asus laptop

We have just updated Windows, for example from version 8 of the famous operating system to version 10. Unfortunately, some computer functions no longer work, with the mouse no longer active, or the right click of the mouse which is no longer operational. Another very common problem is the disappearance of the lights on the backlight part of the keyboard. This often happens with laptops such as those from the Asus brand.

Why are the lights no longer working? Quite simply because with the updates, the drivers previously installed on the system have disappeared.

How do I reactivate the keyboard backlight lights? To make the keyboard backlight reappear, which can be very useful especially in the dark, you will have to reinstall the respective drivers, namely go to the Asus website, and download the ATK package linked to the laptop in question (see reference computer under it or near the keyboard).

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