Map with the main gas pipelines in Europe

Here is a map with the main gas pipelines connected to the Europe. We can observe that most of the gas come from Russia, Norway and the Maghreb. A pipeline will be built between Italy and Cyprus in 2025, it will be called Eastmed.

EastMed pipeline: start year unknown, complete in 2025.
Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): started in 2016, complete in 2020.
Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (Tanap): satrted in 2015, complete in 2018.
Nabucco pipeline: initial start date unknwon, was expected to be complete in 2018. Aborted in 2013.
Nord Stream Pipeline: started in 2005, complete in 2012.
Medgaz pipeline: started in 2008, complete in 2011.
Langeled pipeline: started in 2004, complete in 2007.
Greenstream pipeline: started in 2003, complete in 2004.
Yamal-Europe pipeline: started in 1994, complete in 1997.
Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline: started in 1992, complete in 1997.
Brotherhood pipeline: started in 1982, complete in 1984.
Northern Lights (pipeline): started in 1967, complete in 1969.

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