How To Make Money With Adblock Traffic

Today Adblock is used by 50% of personal computer users and 3% by mobile users. If you have Google Adsense or Bing advertising banners, it can quickly cut your income as a Webmaster in half. Internet users guard against invasive advertisements, such as giant banners, flashing signs, videos, media that ultimately drown out the initial content that initially interested the user of the website in question.

Warning message

The user can be informed that Adblock penalizes the creation of quality content, and that the Webmaster and moderators of the site depend on this income to continue their work. The user will then be able to deactivate Adblock for this site, he can also block this warning message.

Prohibit access to content

This is a pretty aggressive possibility; it is about blurring the text of his articles if the user keeps Adblock activated. We can also display a persistent message that hides the website until the user whitelists our site with the Adblock extension.

Offer paid access

Paid access can be set up which will ensure the Internet user browsing without advertising. It’s a good way to make up for lost income. This will only be effective if you have heavy traffic.

Display acceptable advertisements

This is the smartest solution. You may display advertisements which are deemed non-invasive by Adblock. For this you have to go through online advertising experts, such as Adthink.com, Blockthrough.com, Getadmiral.com, Uponit.com. This is what the biggest online content platforms do. However, be aware that you will not be able to access their services if your income is less than $ 5,000 per month as they have to perform a personalized analysis of your needs.

Affiliate link

To monetize Adblock traffic, you can set up affiliate links. This is even easier if your site is a blog with a lot of articles. You can also display banners with an affiliate link in place of the usual advertisements if they are not displayed and create a rotation with banners of various sizes.

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