Monopoly Plus, the best 3D Monopoly game

Monopoly Plus #ad allows you to play to the Classic Monopoly, but also a dynamic version.

As well as adding challenges, such as building houses, hotels, making two doubles in a round, making a double to get out of jail, acquiring a set of color after an exchange, collecting a rent, pushing a player to bankruptcy , …

Put in place certain rules, such as creating a jackpot every time you pay a tax and touch it when you reach Free Park; that any purchase can only be made by auction; when you fall on the starting square then you can choose between receiving 400 credits or go on the box of your choice; the first that reaches 3,000 capital credits has won; when you make a double you earn 1000 credits; we can build houses without having all the colors and we can have a hotel without having to build four houses beforehand.

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