The oldest prehistoric caves in the world

Here is the list of the oldest cave inhabited by men over time:

The oldest cave inhabited by humans is the Malapa cave in South Africa. Previously the man lived mostly in the steppes around the lakes in Kenya and Ethiopia.

In France the oldest inhabited cave is in Cahors. We can note that France has the largest number of inhabited caves in the world.

The oldest prehistoric caves in the world
NameTypeCountryFounding date
MalapaAustralopithecus Sediba CaveSouth Africa1780000 BC
SterkfonteinCave Homo gautengensisSouth Africa798000 BC
PetralonaCave man of PetralonaGreece698000 BC
AroeiraCavePortugal398000 BC
CahorsCaveFrance335000 BC
Mas des CavesCaveFrance298000 BC
Caune de l'AragoCave man of TautavelFrance298000 BC
ZhoukoudianPeking man caveChina248000 BC
Rising StarHomo cave nalediSouth Africa234000 BC
Arcy-sur-CureCave man and NeanderthalFrance198000 BC
CoudoulousNeanderthal CaveFrance128000 BC
Grotte du LazaretCaveFrance128000 BC
El CastilloCaveSpain118000 BC
Isturitz et d'OxocelhayaNeanderthal CaveFrance80000 BC
BlombosCaveSouth Africa80000 BC
FlorèsCave of Man of FloresIndonesia58000 BC
Abri RomaníNeanderthal rock shelterItaly56000 BC
GuattariNeanderthal CaveItaly53000 BC
Pedra FuradaCaveBrazil53000 BC
ShanidarNeanderthal CaveIraq42000 BC
DenisovaDenisova CaveRussia39000 BC
Creswell CragsCaveEngland39000 BC
Le MoustierNeanderthal rock shelterFrance38000 BC
Pair-non-PairCaveFrance38000 BC
Abri CastanetCaveFrance37000 BC
NiahCaveMalaysia36000 BC
ChauvetCaveFrance35000 BC
ColiboaiaCaveRomania33000 BC
Baume-LatroneCaveFrance30740 BC
La FerrassieNeanderthal CaveFrance29000 BC
Abri de Cro-MagnonCro-Magnon Rock ShelterFrance29000 BC
ZafarrayaNeanderthal CaveSpain28000 BC
NoisetierNeanderthal CaveFrance28000 BC
Les FieuxCaveFrance28000 BC
Grotte de SpyNeanderthal CaveBelgium27000 BC
RoucadourCaveFrance27000 BC
PigeonnierCaveFrance27000 BC
GargasCaveFrance27000 BC
Apollo 11CaveNamibia25500 BC
Roc-de-SersCaveFrance25000 BC
CosquerCaveFrance25000 BC
VisageCaveFrance25000 BC
Abri du PoissonCaveFrance25000 BC
CougnacCaveFrance25000 BC
Laugerie-HauteCaveFrance24000 BC
Mayenne-SciencesCaveFrance23000 BC
MargotCaveFrance23000 BC
Pech MerleCaveFrance23000 BC
SaulgesCaveFrance23000 BC
Tabon CavesCavephilippines20000 BC
Moulin de LaguenayCaveFrance20000 BC
CussacCaveFrance20000 BC
PlacardCaveFrance18000 BC
MerveillesCaveFrance18000 BC
Lagar VelhoRock-shelterPortugal18000 BC
Khoit TsenkherCaveMongolia18000 BC
LascauxCaveFrance16000 BC
RomitoCaveItaly16000 BC
BadanjCaveBosnia and Herzegovina16000 BC
BernifalCaveFrance15000 BC
AltamiraCaveSpain15000 BC
Cap BlancCaveFrance15000 BC
Bara-BahauCaveFrance15000 BC
RouffignacCaveFrance13000 BC
BédeilhacCaveFrance13000 BC
GouyCaveFrance12000 BC
Tadrart AcacusCaveLibya12000 BC
Tuc d'AudoubertCaveFrance11500 BC
NiauxCaveFrance11000 BC
AthènesCaveGreece11000 BC
LourdesCaveFrance11000 BC
Padah-LinCaveUnited States11000 BC
Las ManosCaveArgentina11000 BC
Padah-Lin CavesCaveBurma11000 BC
CombarellesCaveFrance11000 BC
Saint-CirqCaveFrance10000 BC
MagouraCaveBulgaria10000 BC
Tassili n'AjjerCaveAlgeria10000 BC
VacheCaveFrance10000 BC
VillarsCaveFrance10000 BC
PergousetCaveFrance10000 BC
Trois-FrèresCaveFrance10000 BC
MarsoulasCaveFrance10000 BC
PortelCaveFrance10000 BC
PestillacCaveFrance10000 BC
GabillouCaveFrance10000 BC
Sainte-EulalieCaveFrance10000 BC
La MarcheCaveFrance10000 BC
MarcenacCaveFrance10000 BC
MairieCaveFrance9500 BC
Piedra MuseoCaveArgentina9100 BC
MontespanCaveFrance8000 BC
AiguèzeCaveFrance8000 BC
MoutheCaveFrance8000 BC
Mayrière supérieureCaveFrance8000 BC
WajakCave of Wajak manIndonesia8000 BC
Baume d'OullinsCaveFrance8000 BC
FoissacCaveFrance8000 BC
PapeCaveFrance8000 BC
FiguierCaveFrance8000 BC
LouvernéCaveFrance8000 BC
NageursCaveEgypt8000 BC
CocinaCaveSpain8000 BC
Baja CaliforniaCaveUnited States8000 BC
LabastideCaveFrance8000 BC
Ouadi SoraCaveEgypt7000 BC
MaguraCaveBulgaria6000 BC
BêtesCaveEgypt5000 BC
FontbrégouaCaveFrance5000 BC
LarchantCaveFrance5000 BC
OnégaCaveFrance4000 BC
Tsotsev KamenCaveFruit salad3300 BC
Saran IVCaveFrance3300 BC
Laas GeelCaveSomaliland3000 BC
Mesak SettafetCaveLibya3000 BC
RazetCaveFrance2700 BC
Laas GeelCaveSomalia2000 BC

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