Pagination does not appear with the Pagination plugin by BestWebSoft

It is possible that the extension to set up a pagination, which consists of adding links to the surrounding pages in a Wordpress blog, is not displayed directly. It is then necessary to modify the style sheet css by adding at the end the following lines:

.posts {
margin-bottom: 70px;
.pgntn-page-pagination {
position: absolute;
bottom: -90px;
width: 100%;

We then update the file.

We go to the plugin's configuration panel, in the Pagination menu, and we check the box Hide Custom Pagination. In the field we add:


One selects "through the function only", in "position of the Pagination", then one saves.

In the appearance part, the value 60 is replaced by 100.

We return to the parameters, we select "below the content" for the position of Pagination, we save.

Pagination with numbers that redirect to neighboring pages should finally appear at the end of the index and each page. The problem was generated by the theme configuration. The pagination was hidden by the articles.

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