How to plant lavender

If you can sow indoors, in a heated greenhouse, then you can sow as early as February. Otherwise, if you sow in an unheated interior, you will have to wait until the temperature is around 20 ° C for the seed to germinate, that is to say around the months of May and June. In a cup, a light and thin substrate is used; the ideal is the soil. The seeds are two centimeters (1 inch) apart. Once germinated, plants need 12 hours of light per day. It is recommended that you transplant lavender into larger pots when the plants are 4 centimeters (two inches), as they will need more nutrients to continue to grow. Before implanting them in the earth, the buckets can be taken outside for a few hours a day to accustom them to the external conditions.

Outdoors, just do as the plant does when it loses its seeds, that is, sow in the spring. If you follow biodynamics, then you will have to wait until the Moon is rising and growing. It is important to have a mild climate. Seeds can be broadcast on the fly on loosened, littered ground, which is then covered with potting soil. Finally, you have to water regularly, in a delicate way. The substrate must keep in parmence a slight humidity.

To facilitate germination, you can put the seeds for 24 hours in a glass of water, before sowing. The emergence lasts 4 weeks. You should know that if the sowing takes place in summer, it will be necessary to bring the plants inside during the winter because they will be too early to resist the cold.

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