What are the possibilities of the blockchain?

The blockchain allows a very wide application panel that can go beyond the monetary framework. This thanks to its transparency, its security and especially its decentralized aspect.

Here's how to use the blockchain:

- monetary use, with the transfer of financial products, such as bonds, stocks, securities, bonds.

- use as a register, to be able to better trace assets, but also products.

- use as smart contracts. That is to say, autonomous programs that go automatically to realize the terms and conditions of a contract, without a human being personally involved.

The application possibilities are enormous, be it in the areas of health, insurance, banking, international trade, automotive, distribution, the pharmaceutical industry, games, streaming videos, music, real estate, energy.

The blockchain could allow the flight of a Web 3.0, that is to say a new Internet that would be decentralized. It could generate a revolution in the economy through the token economy.

It will first be necessary for financial institutions and economic and monetary regulatory bodies to allow, through a flexible regularization, the deployment of cryptocurrencies while monitoring their legal, ethical and ecological use.

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