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One CPU core hotter than the others
You may have a CPU core that has a higher temperature than the other cores. With about 5 to 10 degrees more. In fact according to the CPUs, ...
Battlefield 1 in 8K with 4 Titan Xp
A Youtuber has managed the performance of playing in 8K at Battlefield 1 thanks to 4 Nvidia Titan Xp in SLI, a 6950X clocked at 4.3 GHz, 64 ...
Calculate the cost of electricity consumption of a PC
To calculate the electricity consumption of a PC, you need to know its average power consumption at full load, the cost of electricity in your ...
What are the best ice creams from Carte d’Or?
The Carte d’Or ice creams are much more creamy and tasty than the ice creams proposed by the supermarkets, which turn into water when you ...
3-D chips combining processors and data storage
MIT researchers have succeeded in increasing the amount of data processed by a processor that was previously limited. Since the silicon transistors ...
Amazon link localizer solutions
When you join the Amazon associate program, you can subscribe to the other national versions of Amazon, namely UK, Germany, Canada, France, ...
Best gloves for musculation
When you start in weight training, you buy gloves very quickly. And you take those that are the most purchased, like everyone else, namely the ...
Use the GPU as a CPU
It is possible to do GPU computing, and therefore exploit the power of the CUDA core for Nvidia video cards, or the stream processors for ATI ...
How to check the temperature of the graphics card
It may be useful to check the temperature of your graphics card at times to see if the graphics settings in a video game or in 3D editing software ...
Anna Victoria denounces the photos with a favorable angle on Instagram
Anna Victoria, a fitness coach, shows what she looks like in reality and then an image of her body at an angle that benefits her. She wants ...
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