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Sendmail still using port 25
Whereas you have uninstalled it, because you have a new mail system (like PostFix or Exim4). Try again to uninstall it and its dependances ...
How to remove lines in Debian editor
You would like a kind of shortcut to go faster when you edit a file with nano. To remove lines in Debian editor, you can use this key combination ...
Open crontab with nano
Crontab is a program that give us the possibility to automatically execute scripts, commands, or softwares, at a specified time and particulare ...
How to check the Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration date
It can be quite problematic if you don't renew an SSL certificate on time. You could use the good functionning of your urls. To know when ...
Where to put bash files in a Linux server
The bash files are very crucial for the good functionning of a server. They help us to save a lot of time with the automatisation of repetitive ...
How to find the biggest files on Linux
You have recently checked the free space available on your disks and you observed that you don't have enough space to let your databases grow ...
Stop bash script if error
The bash scripts help you to automate manual tasks that you are doing every day on your server and that can become quickly annoying. To stop ...
How to stop a bash script from command line in Linux
Bash scripts are an easy way to implement automated tasks within our system, like launching a certain package every day, executing a php file ...
How to list users in Linux
You want to find the list of the users on your server in order to know which one could have access to certain folders on your system. Also if ...
How to check if Exim4 is running
Exim4 allow us to send message through our server. When we install this package and configure it, we may want to test its functionnality and ...
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