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How to setup a RSA key in your Linux server
First, generate the key : – Download PuTTYgen. – You can select the encryption (1024 bits, 2048 or 4096 bits). – Launch the program, ...
Port 443 is already in use by another process
When you setup the free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt : Don’t use standalone. Select Apache Web Server plugin – Beta (apache).
How to exit vi in Linux
To exit vi while you check a file, you can use one of the command listed below : :q to quit, :w to save, :wq to do both.
What is swap in Linux
Swap file of swap space is a memory that is set on the hard drive to manage the total memory when the hard memory is full. The hard memory ...
More info about memory usage in Linux
An excellent webiste to better understand how Linux is managing the hard memory, the swap file. How it can store cache files in the memory ...
VPS high memory usage
Why is the server using too much charge of the memory, whereas the server has been freshly installed !? Don’t worry, this is Linux that ...
Fail2Ban max ban time
It is said that Fail2Ban has a maximum ban time that would be set to 604800 seconds. But it is untrue, you can set it to -1 for unlimited ...
How to definitely ban an IP in your server via SSH
A permanent ban of an IP that tries to connect to your linux server can be done with iptables but with a tweak in Fail2Ban. As the issue ...
How to do a backup on the server itself
To do a backup on the server itself, and not an external device or server, or VPS, you can use a sh file. The sh file will be called and ...
Alternatives to rsync to do a backup on a VPS
Here are a lot of possibilities to do a backup of your server or VPS : – dd cp rsync, – rdiff, – rsnapshot, – backuppc, – Linux ...
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