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Number of birds in the world
Here is the number of birds on the planet: The descendants of the dinosaurs defend themselves very well since they are more numerous than ...
Number of fishes in the world
Here is the number of fish on the planet : Fish are 100,000 times more numerous on Earth than humans. This is mainly due to the size of several ...
Number of mammals in the world
Here is the number of mammals on Earth : Humans are without surprise the big mammal with the largest population. The mice are far ahead ...
Number of the rarest animals in the world
Here is a table with some of the most known rarest animals in the world, the report source, the report year. Among them, we can find mammals, ...
Number of animals in the world
Here are the animals and their respective number estimated by researchers or statisticians. We can only be amazed at all these species that ...
Number of plants on Earth
Here is the number of plants in the world : Among plants, phytoplankton accounts for the largest share, with more than 99% of the total plant ...
Number of insects in the world
Here is the number of insects on the planet: Termites, among insects of visible size are the most numerous. With more than 2,600 species, ...
Number of reptiles in the world
Here is the number of the different reptiles in the world. Lizards represent 97% of the reptiles. With their cousins, they patiently await ...
Average women height in South America
The average height of the women in South America. With countries such as Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil. The measurements presents in ...
Average men height in South America
Average height of the men in countries of South America, like Argentine, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico. The measures displayed in the following ...
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