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Cat pees on the bed, what to do?
My cat pees on the bed from time to time very early in the morning or sometimes during the day, how to stop it? In general, the cat will routinely ...
What alternative to OVH?
You have difficulties with OVH because of their technical support difficult to reach? Here are the possible alternatives in terms of web hosting ...
Best VPS provider
Here is the ranking of the best services offering a VPS (virtual private server) with a competitive cost. In this list, there is a lack of service ...
Convert american size feet to cm
Here are some American sizes and the equivalent in cm. These are measures that can often be seen on American sites with inch measurements, rather ...
Top hardware websites in France
Top websites discussing hardware, news about PCs, their components. Namely: processors, graphics cards, memory, motherboards, hard drives,… ...
Top VPS services that accept adult content
Here is the list of VPS hosts (virtual private servers) that accept websites with adult content: The most attractive service is DigitalOcean. ...
Top web hostings that accept adult content
List of web hosts that accept websites with adult content; with their rank alexa, the monthly price, the space available, the monthly traffic: The ...
The 2003 heat wave figures in Europe
The 2003 heat wave affected all of Europe, but particularly Italy and France. The temperature record had been raised in Spain with up to ...
Furniture seizure procedure by a bailiff in France
The bailiff must first notify the person concerned of the judgment in question, the date of seizure. There is a first visit to list the goods ...
Best cooling system to overclock Intel Core i7-3770K
Here are the best performances in terms of overclocking for the Intel Core i7-3770K, as well as the cooling system used to achieve these results. These ...
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