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Could not instantiate mail function on WordPress
If you get the “Could not instantiate mail function” message when you try the contact page in WordPress, that means that you have an issue ...
Paniclog has non-zero size, mail system might be broken
You will have to update the packages in order to repair the mail system, to empty your paniclog file and to restart the server. Exim4 has probably ...
How to check if Exim4 is working
To check if Exim4 is working correctly, you can test the mail system by sending an email to your self with SSH commands. Here are two simple ...
How to get the average of the last 5 values in Excel
How to obtain the average of the last x cells in the Excel software and thus see if there is an evolution with our data compared to other averages, ...
The best alternative to Google Analytics
There are several option to use another statistics service such as Google Analytics, Xiti, Web-Stat, SiteMeter, AWStat, OneStat and Clicky. The ...
Count the number of occurrence in Excel
How to count the number of occurrence of values in a column? For example we have a list of towns in the A column. Among this towns, some ...
How to add If-Modified-Since HTTP header
If-Modified-Since HTTP header informs the search engines if your pages has been modified or updated since last indexation in the search results. In ...
Google has stopped to index my site
Set your website in Google Webmaster Tools to see if there is some errors. If your website has too much 404 errors, Google can freeze its indexation ...
Jpg to mobi with Calibre
Jpg, or jpeg converted into mobi with Calibre is possible, but you will have first to select all your pictures and then send them to a compressed ...
The most popular ads programs for your blog or website
The ads programs sorted by popularity, Alexa rank : Alexa rank – Ads services (rev share) 1 – Google AdSense (68%) – Platform – ...
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