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How to drain yourself?
Draining yourself brings a lot of benefits. First of all the price: it will be divided by 3 on average. Then quality: too many motorists complain ...
Water on the Moon
A study by Brown University of Providence in the United States that was published in the magazine Nature Geoscience would indicate that there ...
What is happening to SpongeBob SquarePants?
We get the impression that SpongeBob SquarePants disappeared from the screens, and yet it remains well present. In 1999, more than 20 episodes ...
What happens to the return of Futurama?
Futurama is often considered to be the best cartoon, with the Simpsons. Futurama was broadcast for the first time in March 1999; There is a ...
NASA wants to be able to deviate asteroids
To preserve the planet in the near future, NASA has developed a method to divert two asteroids whose trajectory would encounter the Earth. A ...
Virtual cache memory to increase processors power
MIT researchers have presented “Jenga”, a solution for managing the cache memory that increases the computing speed by 20 to 30%, but also ...
One CPU core hotter than the others
You may have a CPU core that has a higher temperature than the other cores. With about 5 to 10 degrees more. In fact according to the CPUs, ...
Battlefield 1 in 8K with 4 Titan Xp
A Youtuber has managed the performance of playing in 8K at Battlefield 1 thanks to 4 Nvidia Titan Xp in SLI, a 6950X clocked at 4.3 GHz, 64 ...
Calculate the cost of electricity consumption of a PC
To calculate the electricity consumption of a PC, you need to know its average power consumption at full load, the cost of electricity in your ...
What are the best ice creams from Carte d’Or?
The Carte d’Or ice creams are much more creamy and tasty than the ice creams proposed by the supermarkets, which turn into water when you ...
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