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[Solution] LG TV black screen, no sound, no logo
Your TV screen suddenly went black, there is no sound. And when you turn on the TV, the light that indicates that the device is on is active ...
Total number of coronavirus cases by country per million inhabitants
Here is the evolution of the total number of coronavirus cases per million inhabitants. Data source: worldometers.info. We note that the countries ...
Which computer mouse to avoid wrist pain?
Computer mice whether basic or advanced, with several buttons, for video games, with high sensitivity, wired or wireless, they tend not to be ...
Landline phone with white screen without text
The landline phone no longer has any text on the screen, which is nevertheless on. You can still use the device, enter numbers, and call them ...
How to remove bookmarks from search suggestions in Chrome
When we type a search query in the search bar at the top of the Google Chrome browser, we have automatic search suggestions with the titles ...
How did Elon Musk grow his hair?
We often see images of Elon Musk before and after his success as an entrepreneur. First with an image of him youthful but with great alopecia, ...
What is the cause of hair loss in women?
More than 10% of women under the age of thirty have diffuse hair loss problems. Whereas in men, more than 30% of those under 30 are affected ...
What is the cause of baldness?
Baldness is defined by hair loss in a single area. This can be on the forehead, at the temples, or even at the top of the skull. To determine ...
What causes human hair loss?
An average person has 125,000 hairs. We lose about 70 hairs a day. During the changes of season, during the passage in spring or in the fall, ...
What is the hair cycle?
The hair cycle is divided into three distinct phases, with a phase essentially of growth, followed by a phase of rest, then finally a phase ...
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