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Best wired computer mouse
What wired computer mouse to use as a desktop computer mouse and have the top level responsiveness, to do the pack office, to play video games, ...
Classement des souris d’ordinateur les plus chères
Autrefois les souris les plus avancées pouvait coûter plus de 100 euros. De nos jours les prix ont énormément baisser, le prix moyen est ...
Ranking of the most expensive computer mice
Formerly the most advanced mice could cost more than 100 dollars. Nowadays prices have dropped dramatically, the average price is 15 dollars. ...
Top of the lightest computer mice
If you are tired of large, heavy mice, if you have pain in the grip, elbow, skin irritations, osteoarthritis or you precisely want to prevent ...
Top of the heaviest computer mice
The heaviest computer mice have a better center of gravity, which can be useful for video games, especially FPS-type games. But not only that, ...
What is the best computer gamepad?
Which video game controller to choose to play platform games in 2D, 3D, to play combat games, race simulation, FPS, adventure games, strategy ...
Top Wireless PC Gamepad
Ranking of the best wireless game controllers. Some of them are also compatible with consoles. The threads can be 30 feet long or more. They ...
Ranking of game controllers with vibration
Top PC game controllers with vibration system. These devices are compatible with Windows and can also be compatible with gaming platforms. Most ...
Which wired gamepad to choose?
What is the best gamepad with a wired connection, to have the best responsiveness? Here is a list of the best designed wired gamepads, with ...
Best game controllers for less than 30 dollars
What are the best game controllers at a reasonable price? Despite their price, these controllers have buttons with high sensitivity for better ...
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