What software to make a 3D packaging box?

When selling real or virtual products on the Internet, the image of this product is very important, it is this which will partly determine whether or not the item in question is sold. Often times when the image is missing or blurry with a very pixelated file, then sales will be low. Whereas if the article is pictured from more than one angle, the number of sales will be much higher.

It therefore becomes important to be able to give a quality design to the box that will serve as a container for your product. For this you will first need to design the sides of the box. To achieve this, you can simply use Photoshop #ad or Illustrator. For the 3D design of the packaging, it becomes more difficult because the 3D tools of these software are not obvious. It is out of the question to use very advanced 3D software such as Autodesk 3ds Max #ad or Unreal Engine #ad which were developed for much more complex tasks.

Paid solutions:

Photoshop: with this software, you can either make a 2D version of your box, which will be quite easy to set up, with a fake 3D rendering. It will suffice to use perspective, to create false cast shadows. The 3D transformation of an image is far from obvious, and the edges show aliasing, which results in poor rendering.

Illustrator: here too, you can quite quickly create a 3D box in trompe l'oeil, that is to say in 2D with false reliefs. It will suffice to create the faces and use the transformation options by scaling or twisting to achieve the perspective impression of the packaging. The 3D part of Illustrator software is much more fun than that of Photoshop, but is still very limited and laborious to use.

Free solutions:

Boxshot.com is a website where you can easily and quickly create any box you want. Everything is done on the Internet and it's free. You just have to import the images which are supposed to illustrate the sides of the box. You can change the viewing angle of the box, the intensity of the lighting, change the appearance of the shadow. Unfortunately, the final image is still quite pixelated, and the edges show some aliasing.

3d-box-shot.com offers free software (3D Box Shot Pro) quite light, but rather complete. We just regret not being able to modify the dimensions of the object, namely the depth of the box, the height, the width. Otherwise we can change the texture of the faces (in the "Surface" tab), we can modify the light, the shadow. You can add a wallpaper. You will need Autodesk 3ds Max or Bryce 7 Pro if you want to change the dimensions of the box; or Swift 3D Version 5 (be careful, some versions available on the Web include malware, remember to scan * .exe files with Avast before launching them).

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