Different species of sunflower

There are a multitude of vigorous sunflowers. Here is the list of the annual plants that are most often grown in fields or gardens:

- Heliantus decapetalus is among the most energetic species. The plants are tall, up to 2 meters. We can therefore place them at the bottom of a plant bed. The flowers are sulfur yellow, even golden yellow, reminiscent of daisies. There is no need for a tutor,

- The atroruben is a species originating from North America. The height of this plant reaches 2 meters. The leaves are located at the base of the stem. A single plant can produce between 1 and 15 flowers.

- Helianthus annuus is easily the most common annual sunflower. This plant can be recognized by its typical large flowers that can have a diameter of up to 40 centimeters. The size can reach 4 meters if the sunflower is well established in the ground.

- The "Russian giant" helianthus is a sunflower that will be ideal for making a hedge of flowers. This will allow you to surround your vegetable garden or even create a relaxation area where you can read quietly in summer.

- "Prado red" helianthus is a plant that is used to make bouquets. The flowers have a moderate size, with a diameter of about 10 cm.

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