Sunbirds solar drone is one of the best on the market

Sunbirds offers innovative solar drones, with a wide range of possibilities, different sizes, different sensors for a variety of uses. You can use this type of drone for mine surveillance, livestock management, also for the forestry industry, for agriculture.


Sunbirds drones have impressive automonics since a drone can fly 10 times longer than the competition. The battery life can thus be up to 8 hours. It is therefore ideal for aerial observation of large sunny areas, with a possible coverage of up to 400 kilometers (the range length of the radio wave is 50 km). For breeding, this allows you to see where the animals like to graze and thus know where to put water pumps. Such autonomy also saves energy and time, increases comfort and safety, but also drastically reduces monitoring costs. The batteries are ultra light, these are 6S LiPo models, with a capacity of 2200 mAh. The charge remains almost intact after 4 hours of flight, because the batteries are charged thanks to the solar panels.


Sunbirds drones operate using SunPower solar cells. These cells are called high efficiency cells. The manufacture and construction of the wings is inexpensive. Knowing that the wings are the most fragile parts and therefore the most often damaged, during a crash or an attack by an eagle, it is therefore important that the solar wing remains profitable. It’s the use of a thin film that keeps the wings light. More than 110 Watts are installed on the wings. The installation of a classic voltaic film would have a price of 1000 dollars per watt. Sunbirds solar thin film costs are 100 times lower.

Drones are silent. With an average weight of 4.5 kilograms (9.9 lbs), these devices are easy to deploy. The weight is indeed so light, that the drones can be thrown by hand. Takeoff is automatic, the mission is performed completely autonomously. The wing diameter for the Phoenix SB4 is 320 centimeters (126 inches), the length is 162 centimeters (63.8 inches). The speed is 40 km / h, or 11.1 m / s.

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