Top 18.4-inch laptops

Ranking of the laptops with a 18.4 inches screen, ie 47 cm in diameter. These versions are quite rare. They allow the best visibility, to avoid vision problems due to a small resolution. We find the two main brands, with Asus and MSI.Prices may change.

They do not include shipping costs.

Laptops Screen
SSD HDD Memory Processor Graphics
Geekbench 4
Geekbench 4
MSI GT83VR 7RE 18.4" 256 GB 1000 GB 32 GB Intel Core i7-7820HK nVidia GTX 1070 8GB 5185 17700 $3771
MSI GT83VR 7RF 18.4" 512 GB 1000 GB 64 GB Intel Core i7-7920HQ nVidia GTX 1080 8GB 4886 16864 $8122
ASUS ROG GX800VH 18.4" 1512 GB 0 64 GB Intel Core i7-7820HK nVidia GTX 1080 8GB 4802 15831 $7599
MSI GT80S 6QE 18" 256 GB 1000 GB 32 GB Intel Core i7-6920HQ nVidia GTX 980M 8Gb 4347 14204 $5500
MSI GT80 2QES32 18.4" 128 GB 1000 GB 32 GB Intel Core i7-5950HQ nVidia GTX 980M 8Gb 4096 13588 $2869
MSI GT80 2QES16 18.4" 128 GB 1000 GB 16 GB Intel Core i7-5700HQ nVidia GTX 980M 8Gb 4071 13390 $2170

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