TSMC to begin mass production of 3nm in 2022

TSMC confirms the launch of 3 nm engraving in 2022. The Taiwanese founder is therefore on schedule for 2017. The plant that will be dedicated to this fine engraving has just been completed. The inauguration took place on November 24, 2020. The factory is located near Tainan, in the technology park called Southern Taiwan Science Park. The mass production of N3 chips will start from the second half of 2022.

This factory was built from the end of October 2019. The cost of construction amounts to 19.5 billion dollars (16.3 billion euros). TSMC is installing the necessary equipment on the production lines in November 2020. It will take about a year for this step to be finalized. TSMC has ordered at least 13 new machines capable of engraving with the EUV laser. These machines are provided by ASML.

TSMC Executive Chairman Mark Liu announced that the plant's goal is to start producing 55,000 300mm wafers each month. The yield will reach 100,000 wafers per month in 2023. This is the ordinary production of one of these famous GigaFabs of the foundry. The integration of Fab 14 and Fab 18 will achieve this performance.

The TSMC foundry's N3 process works with FinFET transistors. The FinFET will be abandoned when it is necessary to move to 2 nanometers. It will then be GAAFET transistors that will be used (Gate-All-Around). TSMC's competitor, Samsung is also betting on 3 nm from 2022 with MBCFET transistors.

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