When to sow sunflower seedlings?

First, make sure you have soil that is well-draining. Indeed, sunflowers do not like soils that are too wet. Sun is necessarily needed for the sunflower to grow well.

Sunflower seedlings are done under cover in the spring, around March - April. It will then be necessary to wait until May before being able to sow the plants in the ground. Sunflower has a rapid growth. As soon as there is no more risk of frost, you can directly sow in the ground outdoors.

- We turn the earth in depth in order to loosen the soil well.
- We form a furrow 3-4cm deep.
- The sowing is done in a pocket, that is to say that we put several seeds (3-5 seeds) in the same hole, even if it means thinning later by separating the different plants.
- We space the pockets by 20 cm. Finally we cover it all.
- Water as soon as the earth is dry, with a watering can whose tip simulates a fine rain.

If you buy sunflowers that are already formed in the nursery, you can plant them between April and June. We water regularly at the start or in case of hot weather.

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