World population map in 2020

Here is the map of the world population for the year 2020. It is thus easier to see the densest areas in terms of population on Earth.

We notice that China and India have irreproachable the most important peoples in human numbers. Positioned in third position, the USA remain very far behind.

Consequences in the future

Waves of migrants such as those experienced in North America or now Europe will be nothing compared to what will happen in Asia. We imagine that the appetite of its two giants will easily spill over into nearby regions, unless better birth control is practiced.

Africa, which is already at 1 billion people, is expected to catch up with India and China within 30 years. This continent will undoubtedly have great surprises to offer the Earth with a new methodology on the problems encountered by the world, and a different way of seeing things, having more perspective on the errors that Europe may have made and America in the past.

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